Aerobie Pro Ring

"The Astonishing Flying Ring" was invented in 1984 by Stanford University engineer Alan Adler, who still owns the company and continues to invent new Aerobie products today.

Erin Hemmings broke the Guinness World Record of the "longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature" on July 14, 2003 by throwing an Aerobie Pro Ring 1,333 feet.

- 13" diameter
- Soft rubber edges for comfortable catches
- "Spoiler rim" design balances lift over a wide range of throwing speeds, allowing the ring to fly straight and true for long distances

- Made in USA

NOTE: the Aerobie Pro Ring comes in three colors: Orange, Yellow, and Magenta. Because the manufacturer delivers them to us at random we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific color. If you want a specific color, please send us an email after you've placed your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


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