Daisei Gama Bowl, Celadon Color

The Daisei kiln was built around 150 years ago in the town of Mashiko in the Tochigi prefecture in Japan. Daisei Gama is known for being one of the few remaining "noborigama" climbing kilns in the area, and is fueled using Japanese red pine wood. "Noborigama" kilns consist of multiple chambers built on a slope, with the wood-burning firing chamber at one end, followed by chambers that sit increasingly higher on the slope.

Daisei Gama pottery is characterized by the use of the traditional reddish brown "kaki" glaze unique to Mashiko, as well as white "nukajiro" rice husk, "nuka celadon" rice husk, "tenmoku" black iron, and "ame" yellowish brown iron glazes.

Daisei Gama's previous kiln was constructed in the 1950s, but was destroyed during the tragic 2011 earthquake in Japan. They recently rebuilt their kiln, and all of the items we have are from the new kiln's first firing, said to bring good luck to those who use them. The pieces are also marked with a horizontally-flipped Kanji character for the word "horse", a symbol that has traditionally been used to distinguish pieces that come from the first firing of a "noborigama" kiln.

- Dimensions: 5.5" across x 2.5" deep

Made in Japan

NOTE: The photos here show one example. Since each one is hand made, there will be slight variation from one piece to another.