The Hill-Side Work Shirt, Skein-Dyed Indigo Kimono Fabric #3

This shirt is made from "Matsusaka Momen" fabric, a traditional, skein-dyed cotton fabric woven in Mie Prefecture in the southwest of Japan. Matsusaka Momen (literally "Matsusaka Cotton") is characterized by hand-dyed indigo yarns used to make unique, refined stripe and plaid patterns.

The laborious process of hand-dyeing skeins of cotton yarn is largely unchanged since ancient times. Raw cotton yarn is carefully wound into large loops, or "skeins," which are then dipped by hand into naturally-fermented vats of indigo dye. This entirely hand-performed process of winding, dipping, and re-dipping yields yarn with beautiful variations in tone and depth of color.

Because Matsusaka Momen is woven specifically for kimonos and other traditional Japanese garments, it's packaged in "tan" units -- a variable unit of measure that equates to the amount of fabric needed to make a specific garment. Just under a foot wide and about 11 yards long, a kimono tan is considerably smaller than a standard roll of modern fabric.

Due to the extremely narrow width of Matsusaka Momen fabric, the body of this shirt is designed in an innovative 6-panel pattern -- constructed from twice as many pieces of fabric as usual.

- Available exclusively at Hickoree's
- Skein-dyed indigo "Matsusaka Momen" fabric
- Custom J.S. Homestead / The Hill-Side woven label
- Two chest pockets
- 100% Cotton
- Fabric origin: Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Made in Japan

NOTE: sizes 0, 1, and 2 correspond roughly to U.S. sizes Small, Medium, and Large, respectively. Before ordering please carefully check the measurements below and compare them to a shirt that fits you well. If you have any questions about the fit and sizing of this shirt, please don't hesitate to contact us at or 347-294-0005

0 1 2
Chest (Pit to Pit) 19.75" 20" 22"
Length (Front) 28" 28.5" 28.75"
Sleeve Length 24.25" 24.75" 25.25"
Across Shoulders 16.5" 17" 17.75"