"Hickoree League" Hand-Made Leather Baseball, Hickoree's Exclusive

We worked with Paul Cunningham of Lemon Ball to create this special-edition baseball just for Hickoree's. Its red and blue stitching and hand-lettered "Hickoree League" cursive logo were inspired by an antique baseball from the 1930s.

The leather used for this baseball is American boot leather - the same stuff that's used to make desert boots for the U.S. military. Each ball is hot-branded with a custom made branding iron.

Lemon Ball baseballs are hand made in Glen Rock, New Jersey. They represent an important transition in the baseball's history, from a home-made toy that appeared over 200 years ago to today's machine-perfect tool. They're noticeably softer than a regulation baseball, which is inspired by history: at one point baseballs were stuffed with rags and the rules of the game allowed for "soaking," or tagging a runner out by hitting him with the ball.

- Custom designed, hand-drawn "Hickoree League" logo
- Red & blue waxed linen thread
- Assembled in the historical "lemon peel" style
- Slightly smaller and softer than today's regulation baseballs
- Magnificent to look at, but intended to be used
- Will develop a beautiful patina with use

Made in USA (New Jersey)


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