Horsehide Engineer Boots, Black w/ Black Core

Engineer boots were first introduced around the 1930s, and were used primarily by train engineers to shield their shins from sparks. Adding a stove-pipe leg to the sole of an English riding boot, engineer boots were later adopted by motorcycle riders to protect against leg injuries and burns.

Phigvel's engineer boots are a truly refined take on the historic and rugged design of classic engineer boots. Phigvel's reinterpretation incorporates construction details inspired by various engineer boots from the designer's personal vintage collection with a more streamlined silhouette for a modern, elegant boot.

- Constructed from lightweight, extremely durable 2.5mm-2.8mm vegetable tanned hindquarter horsehide (including shell cordovan layer)
- Leather origin: Japan
- Base of leather is dyed black, then hand-painted with Phigvel's original dyes and oils
- Outsole made from tough "Benzu" cowhide, which comes from the thickest part of the hide
- Biltrite rubber heel with nylon cushion
- Goodyear welt construction allows for full resoling
- Shaft height: 10"
- Adjustable straps at ankle and top of shaft fastened with iron buckles
- Triple-stitching, double-stitching, and single-stitching used strategically for strength and durability
- Comes with custom metal toe-taps which can be screwed to the outsole for added durability
- These boots are stiff and tight-fitting when new, but will stretch and break in after about 2 weeks of wear

Made in Japan

NOTE: These boots run between 1/2 and one full size larger than standard shoe sizes. Please order 1/2 to one full size down from your normal size.

We are now accepting pre-orders for these boots, with an up-front 40% deposit of $348.00.

If you'd like to buy a pair, please contact us by email or phone: / 347-294-0005.

The pre-order period will close on May 31, 2015 and Phigvel will make and deliver the boots to us in November 2015. Once the boots are ready to ship, we will contact you for payment of the remaining balance.