1937 "Training In Art" Reproduction Hand-Printed Poster

This is a reproduction of a WPA (Works Progress Administration) poster designed by Blanche L. Anish in 1937 to publicize arts education opportunities that were available through the National Youth Association. It was printed in 1987 in conjunction with the publication of the book "Posters of the WPA" by Christopher Denoon.

Every effort was made to create an accurate, faithful reproduction using the same hand-pulled silkscreen process, the same number of colors, and the same paper size as the original. These stunning posters are unparalleled in their quality and they will never be reprinted once the edition of 100 has been depleted.

- Artist: Blanche L. Anish
- Cincinnati, 1937
- Numbered edition of 100
- Hand-printed serigraph (silkscreen)
- Stonehenge 100% rag, heavyweight archival paper
- Dimensions: 25" x 32"

Printed in the USA (Los Angeles, CA)

NOTE: Being that these posters are over 25 years old, many of them have minor cosmetic defects at the edges and corners of the paper. We will not sell any posters where the image itself is damaged, and framing the poster behind a mat will hide any of the defects.