Elaborately Stitched "Furoshiki", Kasuri Stripe

From SRI: "Sashiko is a quilting technique using a running stitch to reinforce and prolong the life of a fabric or to stitch and recycle old pieces of cloth into a new garment. Sashiko created warmer and more durable fabrics for the Japanese farmer who originally used the stitch for practical reasons. Decorative sashiko stitching developed out of this need for warmth and durability and functions to embellish while strengthen the garment or object.

"Kasuri is the Japanese term for what is commonly known as ikat weaving. The kasuri process involves yarns being tied before they are dyed. The areas where yarns are tied are 'masked' and will resist dye. The way in which yarns are tied will determine the look of the finished patterns which will be woven into the cloth."

- "Kasuri" stripe cotton "furoshiki", traditionally used for wrapping or carrying goods
- "Sashiko" stitched corner motifs
- Circa early to mid twentieth century
- Dimensions: 54" x 56"

This item is one of a kind.